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Britta  Herrmann

M A D E  I N   I T A L Y

MANI is the result of a collaboration of incredibly different people.

There is the designer and captain on the ship Britta Herrmann with their nordic desìgn taste, their feeling for shapes and colors ...

There are the Italian artists and craftsmen with their know-how, their patience and curiosity to try something different!



We love simplicity

our simplicity in forms and colors becomes a philosophy of life,

as a limitation of overbundance and excess.

forms geometrically ,clean and rigorous, satisfaying our desire for clarity.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-10-02 um


We take our cause very seriously ... and never lose our sense of humor

In the fast time of today, still to develop a product that is not machine-made ...

A product that is taken 20 times in hand before it can be sold,
                    a product 100% handmade and all involved will love it.

                             It needs faith, love, hope, and humor.....


  What moves us, what we are,

how our world is,

and of course our products.


M O R E   I M P R E S S I O N S 

about us

It's not very elegant to talk about yourself ... says my grandma ...

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